The Eye Observes

The eye observes only what the mind, the heart, and the imagination are gifted to see; and sight must be reinforced by insight before souls can be discerned as well as manners, ideas as well as objects, realities and relations as well as appearances and accidental connections. — Edwin P. Whipple

All Dolled Up

i found her
in the attic
never looking
more radiant
the way i left her
eons ago

with soft braids
haphazardly coiffed
the only way
budding dexterity
could manage
to pretty up
an adored plaything
when it was fashionable
before barbie
flirted with ken
wearing short shorts
and cabbage patch dolls
the vogue
no contest
to a virtual doll
of today
who i could love
but not nearly
as much