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Growing Up

“In every gardener there is a child who believes in The Seed Fairy.” – Robert Brault

When little girls wore pinafores
and long dangling braids
I was a budding gardener
of sorts.

Before hydroponic
was a household word
I cut a sweet potato
pierced it with toothpicks
placed it in water
and witnessed lush growth.

I was hooked!

I wanted to make more things grow
I wanted to garden
I wanted crops
I wanted to be…
like the Jolly Green Giant!

In my haste
I chose an onion.

I peeled it
pierced it
placed it in water
and watched
but it never grew.

What it did do
was stink up the house!

I soon realized
that onions
come from the ground
not to be grown in water.

and with a heavy heart
I threw out the onion
the carrot
the celery
and all the veggies
I thought I could grow.

But what remained
and grew in it’s place
was a lovely memory
of childhood.


Fast forward 60 years and YES Virginia there is a HYDROPONIC ONION!

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