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Holly Berry Update

Last year I posted about my holly tree. At that time I started taking monthly pics (October, November, December) of the berries and didn’t notice just when they started to appear. Well, now I know. In June. Didn’t realize it was so early. I have captured the beginnings of them and here they are. The tiniest one still has what appears to be a flower around it.

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Love My Holly

She stands over 50 feet. This year I decided to take photos of the berries (aka drupes) in October, November and December to show color progression. When it snows ~ it’s beautiful. The tree has been on our property for over 30 years. Holly survived the last hurricane and I hope she lasts at least another 30. Please see berries below, plus surprise baby holly find.

As most dog owners know, berries are toxic. However, they are a very important food source for birds and other wildlife.




Baby Holly

A few weeks ago, during the Hurricane Sandy cleanup, I found a 5 foot tall baby holly. It was in an inappropriate spot. We moved it and looks like it will survive.  It’s not much to look at yet and I guess it’s too immature for berries. I’m looking forward to its growth. It doesn’t take much to bring smiles to a nature lover.

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